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The critical lack of the energy resources in our country became the reason of unsustainable access to the electricity and the official electricity cuts in the autumn-winter period, and even sometimes resulted to the irregular supply in summer period. These problems made electricity as the subject of the numerous speculations and disputes on the national and regional levels, and electricity has became non-transparent and non-predictable sector of the national economy.

The general population has no exact information why electricity tariffs should be raised; we cannot obtain the reliable information, when we try to know who is responsible for the household appliances, which has been out-of-work due to the overvoltage; we do not know who and how should maintenance electricity meters, transmission lines, electrical control units and other relevant supply devices; we have big doubts concerning the suppliers' calculations for consumed electricity. Such situation is the evidence for the urgent necessity of the transparency of the processes, which are going today in this essential sector. Considering that, website of the National network for transparency and accountability in the electricity sector of Tajikistan «» dedicated to implement the following tasks:

- Daily gathering and placing the information about factual time of the electricity's supply in the 25 pilot districts of Tajikistan during period of autumn-winter energy deficit, as well as gathering information about irregular cuts-off  during period of the limit’s abolishment;

Consumers’ Union of Tajikistan treats very negatively to the electricity supply limitation, but believes: «If there is no solution except limitation of electricity supply, then this process should be transparent and fair". The information posted at this site should assist all to observe the real situation with access to electricity in the country, and to take necessary measures under violation of the official schedule of the electricity supply;

- Rendering the on-line legal consultations for the complaints of energy consumers, providing free-of-charge legal services on the pre-trial and court protection, preparation of appeals to the appropriate state bodies;

Just leave your complaint and separately for each case we will provide legal comment and explanation of this situation, then if you will agree we will take necessary measures.

- Posting and dissemination of legal, supplemental, technical information and relevant news;

Visiting section “Publications” you can find useful information and advices.

- Conducting discussions on vital issues in energy sector of our country;

Section Forum: here we can jointly discuss all current issues; we can provide on-line answers, raise important questions in energy sector